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What Do Nerf Bars Do?

Nerf bars are tubular bars that are fitted along the length of your truck to help you step on and off your vehicle with ease. Nerf bars are cab length for the most part, which is why knowing your truck’s cab style is vital in choosing the correct nerf bars. For example, Nissan Frontier running boards have the options Nissan Frontier Crew Cab and Nissan Frontier King Cab. Purchasing a pair of Crew Cab nerf bars for your King Cab will prove disastrous. Nerf bars are also called truck side steps, truck step bars or running boards. Geography plays a big role in naming convention- even for nerf bars and running boards.  Other than giving you a lift to the inside of your truck, nerf bars also make reaching into your truck bed a lot easier. Wheel to wheel nerf bars are longer than cab length nerf bars, in fact they literally span from wheel to wheel.  You can easily reach the back of your truck bed with wheel to wheel nerf bars. 

How to Install Westin Nerf Bars

Westin nerf bars or Westin step bars are our all-time best selling nerf bars. Navigator running boards, Santa Fe running boards, and Sierra running boards are available from Westin Automotive. Westin nerf bars come with brackets and all the hardware necessary for nerf bar installation. Westin step bars are a bolt on style, and do not require any drilling. Nerf bar installation is not rocket science, but you do need to read the instruction manual before attempting nerf bar installation. If you notice missing brackets or hardware (which rarely happens) we would be happy to send you some right away. Westin nerf bars come with a limited lifetime warranty- a real testament to their nerf bars’ quality.

Nerf Bars for Trucks- Wheel to Wheel vs. Cab Length Nerf Bars

Nerf bars for trucks are either cab length or wheel to wheel.  Cab length nerf bars for trucks are door to door, whereas wheel to wheel nerf bars cover almost the entire length of the truck. Wheel to wheel truck step bars make accessing your truck bed a breeze so these truck side bars are highly recommended for work trucks.  Automax Styling has a large on-hand inventory of Dakota running boards, Element running boards and FJ Cruiser running boards. All truck side steps ship for free so do not be afraid to get a big and long pair of nerf bars. First time customers of Automax Styling enjoy a 10% discount on nerf bars, so be sure to take advantage of this promotion for your wheel to wheel truck step bars purchase.

Westin Step Bars vs. APS truck step bars

Westin step bars are a premium product and Westin Automotive is a premium brand. APS truck step bars are less well known in comparison, but are great quality nerf bars nonetheless.  Westin E-Series nerf bars are their best-selling line of nerf bars, followed by Westin Signature Series nerf bars. APS’ 3” nerf bars are similar to Westin E-Series nerf bars are a much better value. H3 running boards, Xterra running boards and XC90 running boards are available from both Westin and APS. Brand conscientious buyers may prefer Westin step bars whereas value conscientious shoppers will prefer APS nerf bars for trucks. In any case, both nerf bar manufacturers guarantee their stainless steel nerf bars with a limited lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.

Truck Side Steps- Black Nerf Bars vs. Stainless Steel Nerf Bars

Truck side steps come in two colors, black nerf bars and stainless steel nerf bars. Black nerf bars are powder coated for rust protection and has a smooth, matte finish. Stainless steel nerf bars are made from grade 304 stainless steel, which is the highest grade of tubular stainless steel in the market. Black nerf bars are cheaper than stainless steel nerf bars, and may indeed look better than stainless steel nerf bars on some trucks. Imagine a white Ford F150 truck outfitted with a pair of black F150 nerf bars or a dark blue Ford Ranger pickup with a pair of black Ranger nerf bars.

Best Nerf Bars at

Best nerf bars aren’t necessarily cheap nerf bars. You can find best nerf bars like Westin nerf bars, APS nerf bars and Putco nerf bars at Automax Styling.  New customers to are eligible for a 10% discount on our entire nerf bas selection, including Ford F150 nerf bars, Cherokee nerf bars, and F250 nerf bars. And no matter which nerf bars you pick, whether they are a pair of Frontier nerf bars, FJ Cruiser nerf bars or Ford Ranger nerf bars- shipping is always free.  And you can count on us to ship your nerf bars on the next business day from our California warehouse.