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Fender Flares & Trim

Fender Flares protect the area above the wheels from wear and scratch, and they also look great on SUVs and pickup trucks. For a limited time only, EGR is giving away a free set of window deflectors for every set of fender flares purchased. If that's not enough, we offer free shipping on your order. If you are ordering a set of GMC Yukon fender flares, a set GMC Yukon bug deflectors will go well with your fender fares. A front and rear set of GMC Yukon window deflectors also add to the sporty look. You will be protecting your vehicle from head to toe.

Fender Flares & Trim

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Why Invest in Fender Flare and Trim for Your Truck

If you have been wanting to invest in an exterior accessory that will be able to reduce unwanted dirt from getting into your wheels, then you will likely want to invest in a set of automotive fender covers for your vehicle. Originally, fender flares were manufactured to prevent mud from splattering across the side of your vehicle. For more exclusive designs, fender flares were also helpful in keeping random road debris away from your wheel wells.

Some individuals may assume since dirt is easy to wash away, they believe that there is no need to invest in a set of fender flares. The reality is that you could be risking the paint and discoloring it by not investing in preventive accessories such as fender flares. If you plan on going on an off-road experience with your truck, then investing in an accessory such as a set of fender flares is a wise choice. They are very effective in protecting your truck from tough terrains as well as other harmful elements that you may encounter while driving.

In addition to preventing paint damage to your truck, aftermarket fender flares are also great to have for wider tire coverage for those that have larger tires on their truck. This will give it greater force that will throw off debris on the side of your truck. Adding any exterior accessories to your vehicle will add style. Auto fender flares will give your truck a rugged off-road look and can be extended for those vehicles that have over-sized tire and wheel combos. Even if you have not upgraded the size of your tires, fender flares can still look great on a full-size truck. If you want to invest in fender flares and have already upgraded the vehicle's stock tire size, you will definitely want to invest in a set of fender flares as they may be an aesthetic requirement. Automotive fender flares are visually-appealing accessories that many truck enthusiasts will agree are necessary additions to many trucks, SUVs and any other vehicle that has over-sized tires.

When choosing which fender flare or fender guard is best for your vehicle, there are two types of fender flares to choose from. Depending upon your budget, you will be able to choose between universal fender flares and custom-fit fender flares. Universal fender flares are mass-produced aftermarket accessories that can be customized with paint and designs. These types of fender flares are usually the least expensive out of the two. Custom-fit fender flares are custom-built to fit any vehicle year, make and model to ensure a perfect fit. Before you determine which type of fender flare you want to purchase, be sure to establish the size of your vehicle's wheel wells. This will help you figure out as to which fender flares will be suitable for your vehicle's specifications. Fender flares and aftermarket fenders for your truck do more than just add style to the exterior. With the proper fender flares, the sides of your truck will be protected from mud, rocks, sticks and other road debris that you may encounter while driving.