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Billet Grilles

Billet grilles are named after a machinist's term for a round bar of metal, as the first billet grilles were made of exactly that. Today billet grilles come in lots of flavors: horizontal and verticals bars, plus mesh. Billet grilles are also available in plenty of finish options as well: polished, anodized, or powder-coated.

Billet Grilles

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No idea about what Billet Grilles fit your beloved vehicle? Just refer to 433 Billet Grilles reviews with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, you must find the right ones for you!

Billet Grille Guide: What You Need To Know Before Purchasing

A billet grille is a special assembly that covers the body of your vehicle and protects it against road damage. A billet grille also helps to cool engines by using the outside flow of air. You can find billet grilles on the bottom of your car and even on the rear deck-lid. It all depends on the car. A billet grille is typically manufactured out of high-grade aluminum and given a nice finish. Many vehicles that have a billet grill will be a truck, however, you can sometimes find them on cars as well. If you pay attention the next time you are driving down the road, you will notice that there are many different car types that use a billet grille. Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota and GMC are just some of the vehicle makes that use a billet grille.

How To Install Billet Grilles

A billet grill is quite simple to install and typically doesn’t need any modifications to the material. In fact, you can install a billet grille at home if it is a bolt-on assembly. The process is quite easy and efficient, which is why many people prefer this to the more costly and difficult process of removing their old billet grille. You can mount a bolt-on billet grille over the manufacturers design with little to no difficulty. This requires nothing more than a little bit of time and a wrench for the billet grill bolts.

A billet grille will require you to replace the entire front grille assembly of your car. This is not as easy as the bolt-on process, but it does add a much more complete and permanent look to your car. Most people seek the help of professional vehicle body shops when replacing a billet grille and we recommend that you do the same. If you prefer a more professional and clean look, this may be the best option for you. If you buy a billet grille from our site you have the added benefit of $0 and next day shipping.  We always have billet grilles in stock so you don’t have to worry about waiting for your product. Call us at 1-866-749-7709 if you have any questions about the process!

Mesh Grilles Versus Bar Billet Grille

When you are in the market for a billet grille for your car, you may have a hard time making the choice between a mesh grille and a bar billet grille. Both types of grills add a sleek appearance to your car and give it a more customized look. Both types of grilles also have bolt-on options that you can take advantage of at home. However, there are a few differences. Mesh grilles, for example, look much better on Jaguars and sports cars. These grills are lighter and better for smaller cars. They have a much sleeker look that is appropriate for a wide variety of faster autos. They also have a powder coating that gives them an almost graphite appearance.

A bar billet grille, on the other hand, is typically manufactured from airplane grade aluminum and is more appropriate for larger trucks like the Ford F 150 or the Chevrolet Tahoe. The choices you have to go with the accessories for truck grilles are limitless. You can have a stainless steal or chrome finished bar billet grille, as well as a painted billet grille. You may even opt for a chrome grille insert to go with your grille. It all depends on your particular taste. A billet grille can range in price from $49 to $250 and up, depending on your needs and the make of your vehicle. We have all sorts of grilles for trucks to choose from.

Types of Grilles

When it is time to purchase your billet grill or car grill, you should call our service professionals. There is an almost endless supply of billet grilles on the market and choosing the right one can be difficult. The following is a list that you can choose from which will make buying a billet grille all the more easy.

Replacement Billet Grill

These grilles are typically applied after you have taken the old grille off of the front of your vehicle. You will likely need to cut them or drill them a bit to get the right fit for you car or truck. The manufacturer will provide you with the instructions you need to install the grille yourself, however, it’s probably a good idea to find professionals to help you with this process.

Bolt-Over Billet Grille

These grilles can be fastened over the grille that already comes attached to your vehicle. There is no need to cut the plastic and you can attach it with a bolt or a simple clamp. This process usually takes less than half an hour.

Stainless steel grilles

We’ve found that stainless steel is a much longer-lasting product than aluminum. Stainless steel is also resistant to stains and corrosion, which means it will last a much longer time than other materials.

Chrome Billet Grill

Chrome grilles are usually just aluminum grilles that have been polished to have a much more shiny look. Sometimes these grilles can be made of plastic, but we believe that the chrome grilles are much more durable and professional looking.

Coated grilles

A coated grille is simply an aluminum or stainless steel grille that has been sprayed with a covering to give it a matted appearance. This process is a little more time intensive, which means the manufacturer typically does it.

Painted Grilles

There is an unlimited combination of painted grilles that you can choose from. Many of our customers prefer an all-black painted grille to give their car a “blacked out” sort of look. Contact us if you have any questions about these grilles.

These grilles are simply painted to complement the finish of your car. There is an endless number of colors and designs available for a painted grille, which makes them quite popular.

Mesh Grill

A mesh grill is typically found on faster, sportier cars and are covered in a zinc plate and then baked with a fine powder. The grill mesh can sometimes have a graphite appearance that is quite attractive and yet sleek. A mesh grill is definitely the best choice when you are doing mods on a Jaguar or any other sports car. Call us if you have any questions about how to install a mesh grill.

Billet grilles

These are one of our most popular varieties of grilles and are made from a very high grade of aluminum or chrome. You can find these grilles on a wide variety of vehicle types.

Billet Grille: The Best in Auto Customization

A billet grill is designed to allow a generous amount of air to cool the engine of your vehicle. Without this air-flow, your engine will overheat and your car will be damaged. The cost of repairing this damage can be astronomical. Besides the obvious aesthetic benefits, it’s always a good idea to go with a reputable seller when you purchase a billet grille. Are you in the aftermarket grills market? Maybe you’re looking for car grilles, metal grilles or mesh grilles? We’ve got all of those covered as well. From car grills to truck grills to every grill insert you can imagine-we’ve got all of them covered. So call us today and we will help you choose the best billet grille, mesh grille, or any other type of truck grille or billet grille to fit your needs.

Billet Grille Insert What are the Types of Grilles?

Many vehicle enthusiasts will agree that the grill on your car or truck is your vehicle's most distinctive feature. This is due to the fact that the grille is one of the first things that other people notice when you are driving down the road. Some vehicles may have a grille that is so distinct that many car enthusiasts will be able to determine the make and model with one look. There is no doubt that modifying your grille is the ideal place to start when you want to give a unique look to your car or truck.