Car and Truck Accessories


Nerf Bars for Trucks - A Must Have for Truck Accessories

Nerf bars are must haves for anyone who wants to enter and exit their truck comfortably.  Nerf bars for trucks are also called steps for trucks, running boards for trucks, and side step bars. OEM running boards easily cost $600 whereas Dodge Ram nerf bars from are priced at less than a third of that. Nerf bars for Dodge Ram come in nerf bars, oval nef bars, and wheel to wheel nerf bars styles. Automax Styling carries Westin nerf bars, APS nerf bars and Putco nerf bars. Nerf bars by any other name are still nerf bars- Aries nerf bars and Luverne nerf bars are similar in look and design to their Westin Automotive counter parts. The key in choosing the right nerf bars for Chevy Silverado is cab style. Chevy Silverado trucks come in different cab lengths-regular cab, extended cab, or crew cab. Same goes for Nissan Titan nerf bars, and other nerf bars for trucks.



Billet Grilles

Billet grille, grille insert, custom grille, replacement grille- these have nothing to do with a grill used for barbecue. Grille inserts replace OEM or factory grilles that are usually plastic and do not look as good as aftermarket grilles. Grille inserts are available for your upper main grille, bumper grille and can be comprised of as many as 7 pieces. Truck grilles come in several styles- mesh grille, bar billet grille, punch grille, and honeycomb grille. F150 grilles can be made from aluminum, stainless steel or powder coated black. Automax Styling offers a wide variety of custom grilles which means you can find a F150 grille, S10 grille or Tundra billet grille in stock and ready to ship.


Trailer Hitch

Trailer hitch, also known as receiver hitch is a must have accessory for anyone wishing to tow anything. Whether it is a bike, boat, or RV your trailer hitch needs tow, the hitch has to be the right class for the right purpose. A class 3 trailer hitch is your fallback option and a class 2 hitch is even more light duty. For more serious towing, you should consider gooseneck trailer hitches or heavy duty hitches. Trailer hitches are a popular accessory for the nature lover, as more often than not they are used as a bike rack hitch or RV towing hitch. Automax Styling offers MDX trailer hitch  and Santa Fe trailer hitches for less.  You can also find out all about hitch installation from our research guide section and other useful information about any truck hitch, such as the Kia Sorento trailer hitch .


Differentiate Your Vehicle with Car Accessories

Car accessories are what differentiate your car from millions of other cars on the road. Car customization can both be an art and a science- you need to pick car accessories based on how they modify your vehicle’s look and how they enhance your car’s performance. Mustang accessories like a mirror polished aluminum billet grille, or stainless steel billet grille really ups the ante. Corvette accessories like a black bar billet grille and a mesh grille make your Chevy look like more badass. Today more than ever, car enthusiasts pick where they purchase car accessories based on value, cost of shipping, and reviews. Let be your choice of car accessories shop.  Ford Focus accessories like vent visors and chrome door handles are now on sale. We offer fast and free shipping, manufacturer direct pricing, and product reviews on all our car and auto accessories. Making aftermarket modifications to your vehicle are just a click away. Purchase your vehicle accessories online from and get ready for an amazing DIY project.


Westin Truck Accessories vs. OEM Truck Accessories 

Truck accessories were expensive and far fewer in variety before the birth of the car and truck accessories aftermarket.  Chevy Silverado accessories like nerf bars sold for an arm and leg. Accessories for truck took off in the 1980s when it became extremely affordable to own a pickup truck. People wanted more truck addons to customize their Ford or Chevy trucks. Chevy Avalanche accessories like wheel to wheel nerf bars made reaching your truck bed possible. OEM truck accessories could no longer satisfy the public’s appetite for trucks accessories diversity and good value. The appetite was big enough such that aftermarket manufacturers began producing a large assortment of exterior accessories, interior accessories and performance accessories for the Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Ford and Toyota truck. Westin Automotive is a manufacturer of running boards, nerf bars and many other kinds of Dodge Ram accessories and Ford F150 accessories. Westin truck accessories are designed, built and packaged to last. In fact, most Westin nerf bars come with a limited lifetime warranty.


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